Wuhan Pharmchem Co., LTD.
Contact:Steven Liu
Tel: 86-27-85835203
Fax: 86-27-85835203
Mail: steven@cspharmchem.com
Main product: Pharma &Food Intermediates Water Treatment Chemicals Industrial Specialties Fine Chemicals
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Food grade Maltobionic acid 90% Sweetener
Food grade Maltobion (534-42-9) FOB Price: 70 KG/USD
Potassium D-lactobionate 98% food grade
Potassium D-lactobio (69313-67-3) FOB Price: 13.8 KG/USD
polypeptide Oxytocin 50-56-6
polypeptide Oxytocin (50-56-6) FOB Price: 9.90 G/USD
Organic chemical raw materials Cytidine-5’-monophosphate, free acid 63-37-6
Organic chemical raw (63-37-6) FOB Price: 9.90 KG/USD
Miscellaneous Biochemicals 6-Chloroguanosine 2004-07-1
Miscellaneous Bioche (2004-07-1) FOB Price: 9.90 KG/USD
chemical synthesis 2-Iodoadenosine 35109-88-7
chemical synthesis 2 (35109-88-7) FOB Price: 9.90 KG/USD
Thiamine hydrochloride / Vitamin B1 USP / BP EINECS 200-641-8
Thiamine hydrochlori (67-03-8) FOB Price: 110 KG/USD
N-Acetylsulfanilyl Chloride (P-ASC)
N-Acetylsulfanilyl C (121-60-8) FOB Price: 9.90 KG/USD
Sulfaclozine (SCP)
Sulfaclozine (SCP) (102-65-8) FOB Price: 9.90 KG/USD
Sulfathiazole Sodium (GMP)
Sulfathiazole Sodium (144-74-1) FOB Price: 9.90 KG/USD
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Name:Wuhan Pharmchem Co., LTD.
Category:Corporation/Limited Liability Company
Trade Category: Trading Company
Legal Representative:
Employees:5 - 10 People
Address:No. 684 Jiefang Ave., Wuhan, China
Product/Service:Pharma &Food Intermediates Water Treatment Chemicals Industrial Specialties Fine Chemicals

Wuhan PharmChem CO., LTD. has been a premier chemical supplier distributing high-quality chemicals to businesses in various industries for the whole world. At Wuhan PharmChem, we are commit...
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